Friday, May 27, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 5.27.16

I will find an art gallery or museum anywhere. Here I am at a strange gallery I found tucked away at Denver International Airport. I wandered as I waited for my friend Toni.

A photo from our Airbnb. Low quality as it was mostly just to send to Eric to prove that our Airbnb hostess had not abducted us. 

In case you were wondering how Eric and the girls did without me...

It was basically the best weekend of their lives. Eric decided to just make some rad father/daughter memories and had a yes weekend full of surprises and fun activities.

They explored.

They had snack picnics 

They ate popsicles in their tent in the backyard.


They went to a bunch of parks I am told.

And had an amazing time with their father.

I mean look at those kids.

They are deep into a happy childhood.

Eric also took them out to dinner.

I went out to eat too.

Last Saturday morning I had some time to sketch.

Eric started his day by taking the girls to Jump Craze. It is as insane as it sounds.

The girls had a blast.

Full steam ahead.


Meanwhile I was having vegan donuts with this beauty.

Toni and I also happened to find the longest stemmed dandelion ever grown. I killed it for a photo op. Who knows how tall it might have grown?

Back to Eric and our little ladies.

After Jump Craze it was time for a quick hike and a picnic at the waterfall.

Look how happy those girls are!

Meanwhile at the Botanic Gardens.

Toni and I wandered around all afternoon. 

We stopped to paint.


Toni and me.

Downtown Denver

I made it home Sunday evening and the rest of the week has been business as usual.

Elise and my mother.


My dad and the girls.

Chalk drawing

Chalk drawing. 

Sketching with my mister

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Michelle said...

I always enjoy the Friday Photos. And you have such great subjects to take photos of!

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