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Phone Photo Friday: 5.6.16

This past week has had a lot going on for both Eric and me. Eric is switching out shows at the museum which means a lot of extra work, but this week he had to hang a temporary school art show as part of the museum's community outreach efforts. The show is so awesome, and SO BIG. There are a thousand pieces! Of course Eric did not work alone. He had the amazing staff at the museum as well as the teachers. Still, it meant he had some very busy days.

I have had a massive storm of papers and assignments to grade. It is steady work as I try and give my most thoughtful feedback to each student. This becomes tedious when working through about a hundred assignments.

Of course there was preschool and home school and classes and dance rehearsals and play dates and other stuff that I am surely forgetting.

On top of this we had to skip town over night. I say that we had to, but really we got to leave town. We drove up to Ucross where they put us up in the beautiful hotel The Ranch house. It was absolutely a magical afternoon and evening. Bright and early the next morning Eric did a radio interview for our show while I led a workshop in conjunction with the show! The girls spent the overlapping time with a friend at Ucross.

Let's review this week!

Eric and Elise reading a book together. When life gets crazy and hectic it is these moments that really ground us and remind us that being busy means that we are moving forward, but only so we can enjoy more moments like these.

Sunday was Eric's birthday. Cordelia chose these socks as his gift. I am very proud.

Birthday lemon squares. Eric is not really a cake kind of fellow.

Birthday boy in the shadows. 

Cordelia is reading under the blanket. She has been reading a lot lately. It is so amazing and so rewarding to know that I have helped her to learn this skill.

They were playing Queen. Well, Cordelia was playing Queen. Elise was doing a jazz harmonica solo. 

Piggy back ride.

Cordelia petting a couple of sweet horses while we were at Ucross.

Elise and the horses.

Sisters at Ucross. We spent over an hour exploring and enjoying the pond.

The night we stayed at Ucross was pretty unbelievable. The weather was absolute perfection. We were the only guests at the small hotel (not quite their season). We had the run of the grounds, along with three German short-hair dogs.

Resting at Ucross.

Me at Ucross. It was so appreciated, a little oasis of rest and joy in the midst of a hectic week.

Cordelia and Elise played outside until the sun set.

Night at Ucross. I wish you could hear the sweet sounds of the birds at night. It was so very beautiful.

The next morning Eric dropped us off at the gallery early so that he could drive to Sheridan to do a radio interview. The girls and I enjoyed the grounds. Playing outside of the gallery.

Eric on the radio. Visit the link below and scroll down to download his interview. Please ignore the mispronouncing of my name by the radio guy.

Later, Eric took the girls into Buffalo while I led my workshop.

Playing at the park.

Elise on the tire swing.

The girls were soooo exhausted! We still had miles to go. After the conclusion of my workshop we all drove home. We grabbed some grub and dropped Eric off downtown for the Art Walk while the girls and I went to ballet dress rehearsal.

Elise was happy to dance along with Cordelia. Ther performance is tonight.

The lilacs are blooming! Last night after the rehearsal, and after we made a stop at the Art Walk and before I started grading papers I stepped outside and sat in the hammock and took in the smells of blooming lilac. The slightest breeze would release a shower of pink petals from the crabapple tree. A brief moment of beauty and calm.

I treated myself to a small glass of wine and a little peace before getting back to work.

It was a crazy week, but a good one!

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Ucross certainly looks like a peaceful and fun place...

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