Tuesday, May 10, 2016


On Saturday was the reception for our show (We)st at the Ucross Foundation Gallery. This amazing space is located in a rather isolated part of the state as it is home to an awesome artist residency as well as the gallery. Eric and I were simply not sure what the turn out would be for an event like this. Many of our local friends said that they would come, but the weather in our town had been pretty nasty. We just were not sure that anyone we knew would be willing to drive so far out of their way to see the show and we had no idea what the Ucross support was like.

On the drive up Eric and I just determined that we would be thankful for anyone who made the journey. Turns out we had worried for nothing! Many of our friends made the trip from home, but there were also many new faces. We were so pleased with the attendance.

Ucross staff provided an amazing opening! We had food and drinks and it was really just a beautiful reception. Added to the event was a small group from the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra who made the event a real treat for all of the senses.

We had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

After the conclusion of the reception there were still a dozen or so friends hanging out in Buffalo. We all met at the Occidental for a celebration drink. Some had to head back home while others were staying in Buffalo. We grabbed dinner at a pizza place, enjoyed the cowbell heavy music and had an absolutely stellar night with friends.

Eric and I were so very touched by the turn out. We spent the drive home the next morning discussing how very thankful we are for the amazing opportunities and friendships that Wyoming has given us. 

Tomorrow I will share the work!

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