Thursday, May 12, 2016


Today I am thankful for:

•A sunny day in the 70s that holds the promise for more time outside than inside.

•A full night of sleep! Seriously from eyes closed to morning there were no interruptions. Our current issue is with Ophelia, our senile 17 year old cat, who becomes confused and lets out insanely loud meows (some are downright terrifying) most nights. Last night she was calm and quiet. Also, anyone deal with this before? Suggestions?

•A nearly completed semester of teaching. A little more work and then a break. Although I am still teaching at another college my work load will be a bit lighter.

• Making time for growth a priority. Since January I have made daily time for myself to sketch and do yoga. I am also making more time for reading, French, and hammock time.

• A garden with a lot of promise this year! I have lots of seedlings and space and big plans! I am in plant heaven right now.

• A loving and supportive family and group of friends. I work hard to cultivate important relationships and I am so thankful that the people in my life also work hard to maintain and grow these relationships.

•An upcoming friend reunion! A dear old friend of mine, we haven't seen each other since highschool, and I are meeting up for a weekend away. I have never ever ever had a weekend like this. I am anxious about being away from the girls this long (not even three days, ha), but I know this will be good for us all.

At are you thankful for right now?


Roxanne Veinotte said...

With my cat, he meows terrifyingly when we leave the house for a few minutes. Do you close your door to the bedroom? Does Ophelia has access to your room? Maybe she feels abandoned when you all go to bed?

Maria Rose said...

She has access to anywhere, but she hangs in the basement meowing. No closed doors, and on our end it wouldn't matter as the sound travels through the whole house doors open or closed.

Jennifer Rebecca said...

My Frankie cat did that.
We left lights on, and moved his cat box closer to his bed. He was an old man as well, a bit over 19.

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