Wednesday, May 11, 2016

(We)st: Car Accident with Christmas Lights

 Here is a little bit about the show:

(We)st follows the trajectory of two lives intertwined; exploring  different perspectives on shared experiences.  Measuring the course of our relationship over two decades and four western states: New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming; a distinctive statement is presented within the collective body of work.

The oeuvre of the exhibition features twenty paintings by Maria Rose, a work for each year we have been together. Mediums include oil, acrylic, acrylic ink and gouache. The art reflects the highs and lows of a shared life; marriage, education, children, loss, growth and change. Using personal totems with familiar themes this body of work displays the reality of an artist in the West.   E.K.’s work includes representations of all eight phases of the moon through photography and painting. Eight handmade collages symbolizing the four states we have lived in as a couple as well as shared experiences from our lives. Also included is a video collage installation depicting short segments of independent cinema and music, which has influenced our artistic development, intermixed with scenes from films we have collaborated on over the years.

Our work intersects and diverges touching on some similar themes while still maintaining individuality. Shared themes include the moon and birds. The moon is a reference to the clear western sky, the literal phases of our life, and our deep attachment to the natural world. Birds have become personally symbolic to us as a couple and as individuals.  The kingfisher in particular appears in both of our work. Each piece we create as an individual is influenced by the other. Our input and opinions cross over in such a way that every composition, though attached to one artist’s name, is incomplete without the voice of the other.

-          Maria Rose and E.K. Wimmer

The work: 

I I have had some requests to share the work and discuss the pieces here on the blog. While I cannot speak for Eric,I will let him do that in a future post, I thought I might give a little discussion about my work. My work is 20 separate pieces that span the course of our relationship, from 1997 to present. So I will begin at the beginning, 1997 and 1998.

Car Accident with Christmas Lights, acrylic ink on canvas, 12x12 inches 
This painting was inspired by an event that happened just days after Eric and I were just becoming a couple. I have actually written about the whole event here before. Take a moment to read through that post here.

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affectioknit said...

I love the title We(st) and the story about the sweet!

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