Saturday, May 14, 2016

(We)st: Chestnut in Space

Chestnut in Space 36x48 inches, oil on canvas

Today I am continuing on with a discussion of work from (We)st which is currently on display at The Ucross Foundarion Gallery through June 10th. Each piece from my half of the show is representative of a mood/memory/moment from each year that Eric and I have been a couple. This means a total of twenty works. A couple of days ago I discussed a work from  1996, today I am moving on to a piece which represents 1998.

This painting was started last year after  I received a message from my dear friend and mentor Michael Copeland. He wrote at told me that I am like a flamingo in space. While this seemingly comes from nowhere there is some history behind the flamingo. To keep it brief, when I was a high school art student I had a leg-less lawn flamingo named Chestnut strapped to my backpack (Chestnut now resides in our studio). Chestnut was me, my first totem. It was around this time that Eric and I started spending time together in Copeland's art class. 

As Eric and I began to spend more time together we started rituals and routines of our own. One such ritual was to drive up to the International Space Hall of Fame on Sunday nights. We would hop into the bed of Eric's truck and watch as the sun set and the moon rise...and each week we would eat a different fruit. 

It was a really beautiful time in our lives. We were very young, falling in love, in love with the world, with the sky, with creativity. It was then that we were building the foundation for our life together.

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