Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Around the House

I love our home. We have been here for just over five years and I am still thankful for each and every day we have in this space. Our home is a great extension and expression of who we are as a family. 

I post these around the house blogs periodically. Mostly for my own benefit. A way to see how things have grown and changed. 

It is fun to look back and reflect on the evolution of our home as our needs have evolved. We no longer have a crib or bouncers or changing stations. We no longer have all of the stuff that goes along with potty training. Now we have toys everywhere most of the time----signs of play.

There are crayons and papers with kid art.  Canvases are tucked in the guest room. I did not take photos of that mess! 

Animals are everywhere. Plants abound. Life is just bursting out of every corner. I love that most of all.

There is art on every single wall in our house. 

Some is art we traded, were gifted, and some was found or purchased.

It is our home and it makes me so very happy to live here. 

We have really lived in this house.

I hope you are happy where you are at today.

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