Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Around the Yard

Yesterday I gave a few looks around our house. Today I thought I would go where we spend most of our time, out back. Each year this space changes and grows as I work through projects, as our plants mature.  

Our back patio is shrouded in Virginia Creeper. This plant is basically indestructible and I would not recommend you plant any as it absolutely takes over...but it is so beautiful. In the fall it turns a crimson red that catches the light of the setting sun in such a way that it makes me tear up at the beauty of the world. With that said, most things can make me tear up about the beauty of the world so I suppose that doesn't mean a whole lot coming from me.

These strawberries don't stand a chance. The girls will pick and eat them as quickly as the plants can grow them.

Many of my indoor plants have transitioned to their summer home. 

Chocolate mint that my daughters insisted I rescue. We found it near death, but it is thriving and will probably take over soon.

Afternoon plan.

Creeping thyme. Apparently I like plants that creep. Yeah, they keep it on the down low.

One of four thriving raised beds. We have been harvesting herbs and greens. Fruits and veggies are all in progress.

Lunch. Along with some other stuff.

More roses than I can count after years of low yield and lots of care we now have success!

Our beloved hammock.

Sweet little zinnias.

Old lady Bumblebee. We love her so and are so happy that she has had such a long and happy life with us. She spends much of her day basking in the sun and it makes me so happy to see her simply enjoy.

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