Saturday, June 18, 2016

Art Life

Our kids have been going to galleries and museums since before they could walk. Generally we keep our visits short and sweet as it is a lot to ask a kid to look at art for a long time. So they do pretty well overall. Usually there are other kids around so it is kinda fun for them. 

Last night we attended a museum opening for a friend. Eric curated the show it was his job to be there. 

We arrived, looked at the work, mingled a bit and then it was time for the artist's lecture. It was getting a bit late for the girls. Elise started to whine so I slipped away with her while Cordelia stayed with Eric. 

When Elise had calmed down---mostly because my mother had arrived and she was happy to see her--- we returned to the lecture. I spotted this....Cordelia had made herself at home.

She was just laying there on the floor. 

So we finished up the lecture and headed home and I put those girls to bed. 

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