Friday, June 17, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 6.17.16


Adopted family member Laura came for a visit last Friday. The girls flipped out.

Last Saturday we took a day trip to visit my grandmother Grace and my aunt Tina. 

The visit was brief, but sweet. Nice to spend some time just hanging with family.

Looking at photo albums.

Elise and my aunt Tina's dog Goobie.

Continuing to sketch every single day.

Sunday we visited my parents for dinner. My mom had set up this pool for the girls.

Two of my favorites.


Daily sketch.

Pig sitting.

Vegan mini omelettes.

Working on the back patio.

Eric and Cordelia at the park. 

Eric and Elise. She was determined to jump in the puddle at the bottom of the slide.


Another daily sketch.

Happy Friday.

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