Friday, June 24, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 6.24.16

Well it is totally official...summer is here and I love it. For many years I considered myself to be a fall person, but really it is always summer in my heart. In the dead of winter I am dreaming about walking barefoot through the yard, listening to birds in the trees, gardening---and always the hammock. So this is my time of year.

Betty Sprinkles destroyer of block towers.

Roses, everywhere.

Hammock+pink lemonade= good

Cordelia doing some important day dreaming in the hammock.

Eric set up the tent for the girls and they moved right in. Cordelia is sitting in a beanbag chair and reading to Elise and some stuffed animals.

Father's Day backyarding.

The girls played in the pool at my parents' house. We dried them off, got them dressed, then they hopped back in fully clothed. They played until it was time for bed.

Eric and Cordelia. Hammocks bring people together, even if they are already quite close.

Playing in the backyard.

Bumblebee snoozes in the grass each afternoon. Makes my heart feel full.

Cordelia knows how to take photos with my phone I guess. Honestly I am proud of this---my natural state.

Elise and watermelon.

Cordelia and watermelon.

This. I feel like I don't really have much to say.
And this.

Elise in the grass. She loves to be outside unless a bug gets on her...then she loses her mind. Seriously, the other day I was working in the garden and she was on the other side of the yard when I heard screams of horror. Sounded like a crazy emergency and I crossed the yard instantaneously. There was a small beetle on her arm. 

Dinner out back. So many of our meals are out back this time of year. I kinda feel like the backyard is our home and the house is just bonus space.

Frozen watermelon and pink lemonade, blend. Summer in a cup.

Drawing on the back patio after the girls are asleep.

Hanging with this babe.

We had the opportunity to work with a great couple who are touring the Rockies and interviewing artists. I will definitely update when their project is complete. It was a super fun treat to work with such a great couple who are interested in sharing the arts.

Lucy and Momo.

I somehow volunteered myself to make a wedding cake for a friend. Then it got bigger. I am finishing up today. Ultimately this vegan wedding cake business will have a four level cake and three two level cakes. 

Summer gifts.

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