Friday, June 3, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 6.3.16

Hello, time for my phone duuuump!

I woke to the early morning sounds of the puff of a hot air balloon. Must be my years in NM, but I know that sound right away. The whole family ran outside to watch.

Eric and Elise have a morning snuggle.

I took a two hour hike with a friend this weekend.

The hike was awesome, but soggy. The trail was pretty wet from rains and snow melt. We had to cross a bloated creek three times and we got fairly creative. I even swung from a tree like a monkey.

Sometimes being an adult means paying money for dirt. At least we had these cuties to take the edge off.

The girls insisted that it was sprinkler weather, they ended up warming themselves in the sun.

"Take a picture mom. Don't we look too cute?"

With my girls.

Dental check up. The whole family went between two hygienists. All of us cavity free. One of my children may have loudly farted during them exam.

Family evening river walk. Cordelia is still working up the courage to have her training wheels removed. She told us she just wasn't quite confident enough yet. Soon enough.

Elise is under the blanket. I guess she was snuggling with Bumblebee.

Cordelia has started a band. She has been writing songs and tonight she and Eric are going to practice. She expects to have a violinist, a lead singer, tambourine, bass, lead guitar, and six back up singers...

Homeschooling continues. Since Cordelia did kindergarten and first grade this year she will go into the summer a bit. Elise is doing preK homeschool at her request.

Early one morning Elise put on Eric's clothes and went stomping around saying (in a deep voice), "Look at me I am daddy."


Have a great weekend.

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