Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Plans

Today is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year! We have some plans to celebrate as the girls asked to have a party. Why not? I also have been making plans for our summer. 

• Spend days and nights outside. We have a beautiful canopy of cover from our cottonwood trees. The previous inhabitant of our house told me that she remembered being a little girl and wishing for the cottonwoods to grow. Well, they have grown and they are beautiful! I love laying in the hammock and looking up, there is a whole world up there with squirrels and bugs and birds. 

• Gardening! I get such joy from growing things! Food and flowers and pulling weeds and dirt under my nails. I am so happy to simply tend the garden. I love sharing the growth with the girls. All of it just fills my heart with joy. We look at bugs, we mark the beauty of nature.

• Sprinklers and pools and puddles and running around getting filthy. Mostly just for the girls, but sometimes me too.

• New Mexico to see friends and family.

•Montana, because Montana is always calling to me.

• Nights on the patio talking with my mister. A citronella candle and some conversation and the night is perfect.

•Evening walks through our neighborhood. We have a good neighborhood. I love walking around toward the end of the day. Sometimes I am solo, other times the whole crew is in on the action. Maybe we will stop by a park or perhaps we will just walk. Doesn't matter, it is all good.

•Flying kites. The girls asked all winter, but now it is a good time to go fly a kite.

•Riding bikes. Cordelia is working up the courage to go without training wheels. She is almost there. Elise is ready for her first non-tricycle---perhaps a birthday gift.

• Letting kids be kids and simply play.

•Of course I also will fill up on pink lemonade and hammock time.

What are your plans?

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