Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Numbers

1) One very happy marriage. Every single day I am thankful to have such a good partner in my life. 

2) Two beautiful and amazing daughters. 

3) Three universities attended. 

4) Four states we have lived in as a married couple. New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming.

5) Five vehicles owned. Yeah, this is a boring point...but when I started this list I didn't realize how hard it would be to make a list of numbers. Wait...we have only had four vehicles. My brother bought us a drone though, so that kinda counts right?

6) Six years of parenting. So, if we were getting degrees for the time we have put into parenting we would be in parenting doctorate territory. Basically experts...

7) Seven o'clock now officially counts as sleeping in. Kids man, kids.

8) Coffee pots we have owned. Apparently we cannot be trusted to purchase coffee pots. 

9) Nine places we have lived. We have lived in homes, apartments, with family, and for one night when we first moved to Montana we were technically homeless.

10) Ten countries and/or territories we have been in together, some of those were before our wedding.

11) Eleven animals that we have adopted: four cats, two dogs, two fish, two mice and one snail named Myrna. To be clear we do not currently have eleven animals...that is the cumulative number of animals since our marriage. Fish, mice and snails don't last long.

12) Twelve multiplied by 456.25 is equal to the number of days we have been married. Yeah...anniversary math.

13) Thirteen is my kryptonite. I cannot think of a single thirteen number. So you just have to deal with that reality. 

14) I was fourteen when I first met Eric. He was almost fifteen. To be clear we did not get married at this age. 

15) Fifteen years of a very happy marriage.

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