Thursday, July 14, 2016

Adventure Day 3

On our final morning in SoDak we still had some fun planned. We went to the mall for coffee as the hotel coffee was basically toilet water. The coffee shop was having computer problems and gave us free coffee. It was basically a miracle. So we celebrated by letting the girls play at the mall.

They had the play area to themselves and took full advantage of the place.

Eric and I both recalled the first time we took Cordelia there, she was so little that we had to help her up the baby slide. Now she owns it all.

Then a rare ride on one of quarter gobblers. 

As we were about to leave Eric spotted the arcade. 

Five dollars well spent on games. Eric led them around to a few games while I took care of some Ms. Pacman business.

He played a couple rounds too.

After that we headed to the Geology Museum at the university. Free entry and totally cool! The girls are both into rocks and dinosaurs so this was definitely a score!

Elise was upset that this was not a t-Rex.

So we found her a t-Rex.

After that it was lunch and then a drive home. Fun was had.

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