Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Adventure Part 2

The next morning we woke up and started it off. We made it clear that this was not a continuation of Elise's birthday (don't want to set that standard) but instead a fun family day. We started out by spending a couple of hours at Storybook Island. This free city park is amazing! The kids lost their minds and were running from one thing to the next screaming with joy. It was so awesome! My cheeks hurt from smiling.
Here they are on a fire truck. They sat here for about half a second before running like maniacs to the next place.

Elise was scared of this slide so Eric went with her.

There was a little train that toured the park. This was a good way to force a moment of rest. Cordelia was bright pink from nonstop running, jumping, climbing. 

Just chilling on a snail, obviously.

Cordelia took this photo of Eric and I. Love that it is from her perspective.

After a quick business meeting at the art museum and then lunch it was up to Mount Rushmore. Elise insisted that it was Mount Rush. We walked the trail and had a lovely afternoon. I also want to mention that Mount Rushmore is also free, just gotta pay for parking. In fact every single thing we did in Rapid City was free! 

From a little cave at Mount Rushmore.

Such a strange and impressive place.

A nice lady along the trail took a photo for us.

After the mountain and a little break we went downtown to walk around and check out Art Alley. A place that artists with permits can put their graffiti. It is always changing and the range of art goes from basic to amazing.

Then we hit up the awesome parks and let the girls burn off the rest of their energy before dinner and bed.

They had so much fun! We really needed a little time to just focus on fun as a family. 

Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of our SoDakian adventure.

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