Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Birthday and Adventure Part 1

On Sunday Elise turned four! Leading up to her birthday there was a lot of planning, but ultimately she wanted a road trip instead of a party with friends. How cool is that?! We, of course, wanted to nurture this inclination to travel so we did a small birthday at home before hitting the road.

Here she is blowing out candles. The day before she told me that she was changing her favorite color to yellow. Ok kid. 

She also got a big girl bike. She had been long watching Cordelia on her bike as she slowly moved along on her tricycle. It was time.

My parents came over for presents and cake.

Here they are feeling quite satisfied with their gift giving.

They gave Elise a dollhouse. 

Complete with a doll named Elise. Cordelia was gifted with a little something as well so they could play together.

After that we hit the road, headed for Rapid City SoDak and adventure. We had not been to SoDak for some time and the trip was brief. So we jammed it in  to the max.

When we arrived we checked into our hotel and then headed out for dinner. We found a chain restaurant that serves pizza with vegan cheese!

Elise was pleased because we got to sit it high chairs, like pub style chairs. 

Pizza! Both girls were sure that they were going to finish their pizza, they didn't, but our hotel room had a fridge so the leftovers made good snack food the following day.

After dinner we hit up the dinosaur park, a free city park in Rapid City. The park is a WPA project that pulls us in for a visit every time we are in town.

Cute girls and their loving father.


Eric and Elise

We watched the sun set over the  city. It was great. Elise kept exclaiming, "Best birthday ever!" Cordelia had loads of fun too and worked so hard to just have fun and not feel jealous. A big accomplishment for a young kid with basically the same interests. 

It was a really good day.

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