Thursday, July 28, 2016


A couple of years back my mother took a trip to Denver with Eric, the girls and me. While there we hit up IKEA (obviously) and she bought the girls a couple of their cheap $2.99 stuffed animals. Elise got a pig that has been heavily favored since that day, but Cordelia grabbed Fluff...a stuffed dog. Since that day Fluff has been her stuffed animal. She sleeps with it every night, Fluff travels with us, Fluff goes on errands, plays outside and is toted along with Cordelia for most of every day. If Elise is hurt or sick Cordelia will lend her Fluff, for a little while.

Fluff waiting while we play at the park.

I am not sure what Fluff means to her or why it is this stuffed animal...but I understand he means something to her and I honor that. Fluff has become misshapen and worn over the years, just as a well loved stuffed animal is meant to be. When I see Cordelia with Fluff I often think of The Velveteen Rabbit and I think that story was written for just such a stuffed animal.

I never had a stuffed animal that I felt so devoted to, but I remember rotating through my stuffed animals at that age...lest I hurt someone's feelings. Cordelia does this too, but she simply invites others to join her and Fluff.

Someday soon she will outgrow Fluff. She will not feel comfortable toting him everywhere. I imagine there will be a day where Fluff stays on her bed, a childhood comfort in the night...for many years. Someday further down the road it will end up in a closet or a trunk, to be re-discovered on  sentimental days to take her back to a happy time in her childhood.

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