Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mask Making

I have been asked to make a bunch of masks to sell for an upcoming masquerade ball. I am planning to make several dozen masks. I have started with simple designs that will pair well with the usual gowns and dresses that I see at these events: golds, silvers, blacks, whites, reds. 

From there I am going to get super creative and make theme masks.

I have lots of ideas for themes. I want to emulate the style of a few artists, have some cool time periods, nature themes, and a bunch of other ideas floating around. Any suggestions? 

It is more time consuming than I anticipated, but I can work on a few at a time and I expect the process will speed up as I learn tricks along the way.

Cordelia and Elise were keen to get in on the mask making action too. Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon working on masks together. 

Here is Elise's mask. I believe her theme was flamboyant. 

Cordelia wanted to make a Christmas mask. She had a strong vision from the start.

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon and I love any opportunity to nurture their creativity.

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