Friday, July 1, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 7.1.16

Hello! Happy weekend! I have had a great week. I have attended a wedding, made my first wedding cake, gone to an arts featival, made art, spent tons of time outside, done yoga, walked a lot, spent time with the family, had work meetings, met up with friends, made good food. What have you been up to?

Cordelia and Momo Nara.

I attended a beautiful wedding along the river at the labyrinth. 

I made the cakes for the reception. I can't believe that was less than a week ago.

Our last weekend was all arts fest.

Elise asked me to take this photo and then asked,"Don't I look super cute?" Good grief kid, yes you are adorable, but you are so much more! 

Soaking wet. Just completely drenched. She was sooo happy!

I love this photo with me and the girls.

Oh and the clematis is magical this week.

Oh Lucy.

I started with taking a photo of Eric. Then Cordelia got in on the action and Elise was pulled in as well. Elise was mad about something. That is her angry face, ha ha! 

One of my daily sketches.

We visited the natural bridge with some friends. Usually kids can wade across, but the water was too high and fast for more than creek edge wading. Mothers were on high alert, but fun was had.

My natural bridge picnic lunch.

Managed to pull out a super fast sketch. The other kids kept checking in and watching my progress. My kids, used to art making, did not care one bit. 

Natural Bridge.

Eric and Cordelia mid conversation.

Last night I was feeling well enough from the vertigo that I went to yoga. Same place I went to the wedding last week...led by my just married friends.


This is from a family walk we took last night.

Have a great weekend!!


Jennifer Rebecca said...

Your sketch and watercolor are great!

Anonymous said...

I love that sketch! <@:)

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