Friday, July 15, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 7.15.16

Well hello again. Thanks for stopping by this little blog-o-mine. Let's jump into this week in review:

I was on my way to the grocery store. Cordelia was reading a book to Elise and I thought,"There has got to be somewhere better to go than to a grocery store." So the store waited while we detoured to the waterfall.

It was a beautiful day and the girls had been so engrossed in their book that they didn't notice where I was going until we had arrived. They basically ran the trail.

Eating peas from the garden, playing in a pool. Summer perfected.

Sketching every single day.

Saturday morning meditation and yoga at the labyrinth.

Elise and me in matching sunnies.

Birthday nonsense.

Four?! How?

Lucy in the dog bed.

Sisters in South Dakota. I am endlessly thankful that they have each other.

Sketch of Thoreau.

I am not even gonna lie, I wished that it would come to life and then we would ride over a rainbow. 

Totally casual.

Simple elegance.

Just chillaxing on a snail.

Present for the presidents.

We wore somebody out.

Totally out. To be fair we were looking around an antique store...basically a snoozefest for littles.

Oh yea...we spotted a newscaster in Rapid City and casually took photos and walked through the background.

This girl. How is she such a kid now? 

Looking at dinos.

Sketch of Virginia Woolf.

Playing "parking attendant" with friends. Living in Wyoming I can say with certainty that none of these kids have ever seen a parking attendant. They turned tennis rackets and other things into stop signs and made name tags which they taped to their chests. Four neighbors drove by and slowed down, looking confused. The kids were pleased.

Happy Friday!

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