Friday, July 22, 2016

Phone Photo Friday:7.22.16

Well, Friday again already! Let's do this thing.

Last weekend my mother, the girls and I took a girl road trip to see my grandmother, great aunt, aunt, cousin, second cousin. It was a lovely visit and I took almost no photos of the event.

Here rests Momo Nara. She likes to take her morning nap in the bathroom closet. Also, I will probably need to wash these towels again...

Elise started sweeping as an apology after a small meltdown. She has a good heart.

Pig sitting this past weekend. We have been watching this piggy regularly for about a year and she is just starting to warm up to me. She still does not like Eric. 

Elise at a thrift store,"Look at me I am a rocking out worker!"

I was sick for about four days this week. I had almost no appetite. I made an exception for this. 

Riding bikes.

Eric and Elise. She instantly had a knack for riding.

Eric and I making art together after the kids were in bed.

Breakfast burrito.

Sketch of a still from the surrealist film Un Chien Andalou.

Hot days mean we have to hit the park early in the day. We went before lunch.

Played for an hour or so...

And then Eric met up with us for his lunch break. These girls are so lucky to have such a present father.

Hot day and a cancelled play date called for some science-y distraction at the local Science Zone.

This girl shot hoops with those crazy goggles for an hour.

I couldn't have dreamed this up in my imaginings of sisters. Sure they fight too, but really they are very best friends and are so sweet to eachother 97% of the time.

Sketch of Dali. Honestly this one surprised me...probably my most successful portrait to date.

The girls were photographed for the paper using an outdoor explorer kit that both Eric and I had a small hand in.

Me and my basset shaped shadow.

Hammock tyyyyme


Jennifer Rebecca said...

Your art is amazing. I love seeing your daily sketches:)

Jennifer Rebecca said...
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