Monday, August 15, 2016

About That Time

Well, it has been a good run. I had not planned on taking the summer off from teaching, but jobs fell through and I ended up with a summer off. I mean I have been busy with odd jobs like judging and commissions, but steady stuff was on hold for a spell.

Now it is time to get my poop in a group (sorry, but this is simply how I talk in real life) and organize. While I will certainly appreciate regular paychecks and the thoughtful interaction I get with students, I will most certainly miss my free form days with no particular agenda. 

Now I have to prep for second grade homeschool, Elise will start pre-k next month. Next week classes start at both the college and the university so I have been getting ready for those. I am also teaching a weekly class at the art museum starting next month (my favorite class), and I have a workshop on sugar skull making, oh and I am planning the Day of the Dead event again this year. All on top of prepping work for several shows and commissions too. There are so many loose ends to tie down. I also don't want to let go of the small time I carve out for yoga and daily walks and sketching. I have a long list of other activities that I want to make time for too....and I know that I can make that time with some careful planning. 

Now it is time to break out the daily planner. I have one on my phone, but it is joyless and dumb so I only use that to coordinate with Eric, the daily tasks all go in my planner. 

I am exhausted just thinking about it, but I will be so happy to contribute to the family in a more regular financial way. I remind myself that all of this is so worth it because 1) I get to homeschool my girls and ensure that they have a magical childhood. 2) I get to doggedly pursue my dreams. 3) I get to nurture the arts in our community. 4) I get to help college students appreciate art.

So here I go....

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