Monday, August 8, 2016

Catch Up

Last night we wrapped up a week of many events. We had so many different, routine breaking, things going on this week! Judging art shows, camps, art walk, going away party, birthday party, etc. The girls were up late for more than seven days in a row. They absolutely refuse to sleep in so it meant for tired days. Mercifully there were no major meltdowns from any of us, but we are all pretty wiped out!

Our last event was a friend's birthday party which was tiki theme. You know we had to get into the theme. 

The party was super fun, complete with monsoon breaks! The fast and heavy rains of late summer are such treats!

I was lucky that one of them was looking at the camera.

We live only a short walk from the party so the girls splashed in puddles the whole way home! They were completely drenched and so happy! The best part is that they went to bed on time!

Today it is time to catch up! I am setting up for classes at CC and SNHU, ahh the glamour of adjunct online teaching. I am also wrapping up some projects, tending the garden which seems to have gone crazy this week. Zucchini and basil for all! Art sales, stuff to frame, housework, laundry, homeschool, etc. I am also very serious about working in some much needed hammock and pink lemonade time today.

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