Thursday, August 18, 2016


I haven't had a confessions post in quite some time. So I shall put some random and embarrassing factoids on the internet today.

•Not exactly a confession so much a a brag, but I can whistle really loudly. You know the fingers in your mouth whistle? I can do that...I worked hard on this skill at junior high basketball games. I also ate tons of nachos, mostly for the strange cheese sauce that was almost certainly made from toxic waste.
•I call Walmart Wall Fart or Farty Walls.
• I am super accident prone. The other day I was wearing a pretty dress and heels. I slipped on a pebble and fell. My husband, who is apparently so used to me falling, didn't even look up from his phone.
•There is a great health food store in our town called Natural Gocers. I have, for no  good reason, started referring to it as Natty Gross.
• The other day while at an interactive kid'sprogram at the library Cordelia revealed to the audience that "mom randomly sings What Does the Fox Say but with her own sounds." She also told the entertainer that when our ketchup is low and makes fart sounds, "mom pretends that she is tooting." There was more...she definitely overshared with the crowd. The entertainer kindly acted out some of her comments...
• I eat more hummus than any human on this planet. Seriously. I make a good hummus on my own, but my favorite is a store bought roasted garlic hummus by Lily's. My mouth just filled up with saliva thinking about it. Can a person live on hummus alone? I would like to volunteer as tribute...sorry, that was pretty nerdy. Wait, not sorry.
• I am too polite sometimes. Don't get me wrong, it is important to be nice...but with  thought. The other day I was walking and somebody honked at me. I was politely waving, assuming it was somebody I knew, when I realized it was just a creepy guy. I turned my wave into a thumbs down, but I don't think it really made a difference at that point. Not the first time this has happened to me. I wish I could just hold on for a moment before being polite.
•With that said I am actually a pretty salty gal when you get to know me.
•speaking of salt...when I was a kid I used to lick a salt lick in my uncle's garage.

Your turn!

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Roxanne Veinotte said...

I love these confessions posts!
I have a few myself
1) I like to start projects but do not end up finishing them. Have to work on that!
2) I have a few titles for a book series, but afraid to write them as I may be rejected... Have to work on that too!
3) I have started a few blogs, but never consistently write posts, so deleted them all. I love the fact that you write every day no matter what!

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