Friday, August 12, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 8.12.16

Guess what day it is?! Phone purge! Boooyaaaaaaah! I really feel like Phone Photo Friday needs theme music...don't you? What would it be? All that is coming to mind is Mortal Kombat...and that doesn't really fit.

Elise hooked herself up with a little reading nook. Since she can't yet read she would look at the page for a bit and recite the stories as she knows them all by heart. Then she would run over to have me read a page to her, back and forth while Eric and I sat at the table enjoying a morning coffee.

This sleeping beauty. She has a very loose tooth, her first! She is so excited for this big step. She asked me to text the dentist so that he would know that she was fiiiiinally going to lose a tooth. Since she is so late to the loose tooth biz I think a bunch are going to come out in rapid succession. She is soon to be gap toothed and adorable.

She wore the pirate clothes while we ran errands. She was oblivious, but it was a treat to see her make so many people smile.

Sisters getting filthy and enjoying their childhood.

A little family time at the park.

She was snuggling with me on the bed and said,"You probably need a picture of this mom."

This is what happens when I ask them to look at the camera. Tiki party on Sunday.

One. Two. Three.

Evening in the studio

Super girl

Out to dinner, with Fluff, at a new restaurant.

My crew. The girls are wearing dresses from China, gifts from their godmother.

Just wanted to put this flattering photo of myself on the Internet.

Playing for hours in their own sister world.

Cordelia's art. If you are a family member and receive this as a gift, act surprised.

Eric with Elise who is making a strange smile face. 


Have a radical weekend. Also, this week Cordelia told me that I am so 90s. I asked why and she said that it is because I use words like radical. 

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