Friday, August 19, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 8.19.16

Well howdy to you from Wyoming. Howdy seems like it would be a Wyoming greeting, but it isn't really one that is used here...unfortunately. Whatevs. It is Friday! It is a cold a dreary day, the kind of day that makes me want to don a turtleneck and write angsty poetry...but I am angst-free today so no poems from this gal. We have a play date this morning. I should probably get out of pajamas and give the floor a sweep as August is prime pet hair season. So let's get right to it, you are only here for the phone photos anyway.

Quick daily sketch of Tim the Enchanter.

Elise and me.

Meal with my first attempt at vegan seitan. A whole wheat wrap with veggies from the garden (not the avocado, I am not a wizard it is Wyoming) seitan and vegan ranch dressing.

Cordelia turned dog mom and carried Fluff in her mouth...maybe getting to the age where this is weird...

Eric at the park. He is wearing a pineapple shirt because Elise begged him to wear it and match her pineapple dress. Good dad.

Gathering from the garden.

I had to zoom in on this shot or risk being discovered, they would have posed. Sweet sisters.

 Found. Relocated.

Some of the last gifts of summer are the most brilliant.

Sewing project. 

Hammocking for lyyyyfe.

This girl is such a character. She loves to make people laugh. 

All she wants to do is climb stuff.

Petting horses with a friend. She became disgusted when she got horse spit on her hands. Ha!

Sketch of Bumblebee.

Vegan quesadilla with vegan cheese, roasted tomato hummus and a bunch of veggies from the garden.

Very dirty face and a very proud girl.

Sketch of Nosferatu from the 1920s film.

Peace oooooout!

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