Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Seven Years

This time of year I always think about late summer of 2009. Eric and I had moved to Wyoming a few months earlier. I was very pregnant with Cordelia. We lived in a terribly small rental. We had no friends. Try making new friendships at 8 months pregnant. Ha! We had no place in our community.  My mother's friends took pity on me and threw us a baby shower. It was sweet, and so kind, but sad to have none of my friends there to celebrate. 

I remember long walks in the hot sun, not exactly trying to start labor as I still had several weeks to go, but sort of prepping for the idea. It was a strange time. We knew that we were on the brink of major change. 

I think back on that time, because for whatever reason it made an impression. Each year I reflect on that time and think about how very much has changed. I remember imagining who that little girl was inside of me. I know her now and I can hardly remember what it was like to not know her. I remember thinking that even after this pregnancy we planned for another. 

In the span of these past seven years Eric and I have remained strong and the same, but everything around us has changed. Our home, our family, the animals we care for, deep friendships, a place in our community, our careers, etc. I am so very thankful for that time as a marker. It was not a bad time in our lives, but was a sort of blank slate. We have built so much in that span between then and now. 

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Michelle said...

Are you not posting the blog to Facebook anymore? I realized I hadn't seen it for a bit, so checked the blog site and found what I had missed. I have become used to just finding it on FB--just one site to check. Anyway, I always enjoy it. I especially loved the story and photos of the fairy garden. What fun!

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