Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tattoo Competition

About a month ago I was contacted about judging a tattoo competition. They were looking for artists to judge and asked if I knew anyone else who might be interested. So I enlisted Eric and my friend Amber. We are all artists and we all have tattoos. 

The whole process was a bit fluid leading up to the event as it was the first that this group had hosted. Eric, Amber and I were just up for anything. Eric and I have judged sooo many shows this summer, but no tattoo competitions! 

We got some of the details in the days leading up to the event, it was hosted in a biker bar in a neighboring town. I mention this because the neighboring town does not have the smoking ban...so that was a bummer. We knew we would smell as though we had bathed in an ashtray, but that is life I guess. The event was smaller than envisioned, but that happens on the first go round.

They worked really hard to make a fun event. We had a judges table and there was a video feed that gave everyone a look at the work. There was a host and a surprisingly large crowd. Each "canvas" (tattooed person) was brought to the judges table so we could inspect their fresh tattoos. We looked at the overall composition, line, shading, balance.  We made notes and gave scores for each category on our own. Then we combined our scores and the tattoo artist whose work has the highest score was the winner. 

I really enjoyed taking a close look at the work and seeing the skill level of the different artists. We made sure that each "canvas" heard only compliments because it would be a bummer to hear bad stuff about your tattoo. Thankfully the winner was quite clear for all and not particularly surprising---so there were not hurt feelings. The prize package was quite significant for the tattoo artist. 

When it was all over we left the bar in a great mood, a strange and fun experience! I love doing strange things like that from time to time, just adding new things to my life.

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