Saturday, September 10, 2016

Annual Auction

Last night was the annual art auction at the museum Eric curates. This annual fundraiser, a masked gala this year, is always a lot of work, but it is an important fundraiser for the museum. Every year my mom and dad take the girls for the night as Eric works late. The girls countdown the days to grandparent time.

My mother came over on Friday afternoon and picked up the girls for their night of fun. She sent photo updates throughout the night and the girls had a blast!

Eric and I did the art/ work thang and made it home about 11. We were famished and gorged ourselves on garbage food.

Here is a weird photo of us from the event.

Here is Eric speaking at the event. It was probably the closest I got to him all night. Just kidding, but I hardly get to see my mister at these events. Thankfully I am comfortable wandering and mingling. We also sold the work that we had up at the auction which was a treat! 

Anyway, today we are recovering...actually it is the girls who are recovering. Late night and early morning for the girls (too excited to sleep much) mean that we will have a mellow day with a few emotional meltdowns I am sure. It is fine, we are also happy with the extra snuggles that come from tired kids.

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