Thursday, September 8, 2016


Well I have completed my first week of thirty paintings in thirty days. I am still sketching daily too, so things have been a bit intense. I was painting last night, after the girls were in bed and all of my grading was completed, until nearly 11. I am feeling a bit frazzled, but it is a good exercise too. I am learning that there is no perfection to be found in a daily painting, at least not for me. However, I am coming up with some cool ideas and trying a few things out. Since I have so many paintings to complete this month I am using it to work through ideas for other projects that I have. I am also reminding myself that none of this is precious, a good reminder indeed. 

Preschool and home-school resume on Monday so my time is going to be even more limited as I give more of my time an energy to those, far more important, matters. I am going to have to set a time limit for art making I think, set aside an hour or two a day and then let it go. I have been penciling in my schedule and I see the relative free time of the summer evaporating and structured schedules appearing in its place. Cordelia is very excited, she loves structure, and had been making lists. She always makes lists and sometimes she forces Elise to makes lists too. Ha! 

I think it will be good for us all to get back to the grind. Painting will find a place too.

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