Friday, September 16, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 9.16.16

Oh man I really had to think about what year it is. What day is it? Where am I? What's going on? This week has been INSANE! I am almost at 100% busy. Next week I start teaching another class at the art museum and then I will be at 100%. I have also been solo as Eric has been out of town. My days are as follows: wake up and snuggle girls, make coffee, sketch,  breakfast, preschool and homeschool, lunch, school, paint, read or play with kids, dinner, kid stuff, bedtime, work at computer, bed. Repeat. I have only seen other adults at preschool or the store this week. So let's review this madness.

On our way to the annual art auction.

Daily painting for each day this month has been inspiring and exhausting, but I have made a ton of new work.

After the art auction, before my mother retuned our children, we grabbed coffee. Eric helped us to remember our coffee.

One of my daily drawings. I have been working through classic movie monsters this week.

Vegan chili dogs

Cordelia's first selfie. She then proceeded to take one billion more. 

A first time face painter took on the challenge of cheetahs.

Eric and Elise at her first day of pre-K. He headed to NM after seeing her off.

Elise and me.

First day of homeschool. She looks soooo big! 

Another classic movie monster.

Momo helping with homeschool.

My dad giving the girls a chair ride.

Elise painting

Cordelia and me

Daily painting


More drawing.


Anonymous said...

That last drawing of that lady is a "monster"?

Maria Rose said...


Jennifer Rebecca said...

Your paintings and drawings are fantastic!

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