Friday, September 2, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 9.2.16

Phone dump!

Elise with her Grandma Sue.

Eating at a mountain picnic.

The cats have taken to afternoon naps on the guest bed.

This girl in her daddy's shades.

I didn't even realize I had planted purple peppers.

My favorite fellow in the hammock after a long day of work.

These nerds.

Just some sunset beauty that I felt compelled to photograph.

Cordelia asked to join me on an evening walk. We talked about everything from snakes to the French Revolution.

Beginning of a self portrait sketch.

I spotted this floating number 1. Immediately thought of the song One is the Lonliest Number.

I used the food dehydrator one some of my excess tomatoes.

These cuties.

Yesterday's painting of Tolstoy. First painting in the 30in30 challenge. 


Last night at art walk the girls were given free chips. Cordelia was so excited that she shared this info with everyone we passed for the rest of the night. Here is a photo of them with their faces full of free chips.

Oh, and there was a bubble pit.

They had fun. Spider-Man later gave the girls Farmer's Insurance temporary tattoos...ummm, thanks I guess.

Eric and Cordelia writing a song together last night.

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