Friday, September 23, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 9.23.16

Well, well, well Friday again. Life has been pretty hectic lately. I was afraid that I had not taken enough photos for today, but I was wrong. Here is a week in review.
Bum with a tiny hat.

A portrait of my husband.

Elise using a hammer and chisel. 

Wyoming sunset.

One of my daily paintings.

Elise and me sharing some mother/daughter time while Cordelia was at a birthday party.

Cordelia with the fairy garden she made at the birthday party.

Elise working on an acrylic painting.

Drawing I made of Cordelia.

Cordelia working on her first oil painting.

Painting I made for my daily painting challenge.

So the Wyoming winds have picked back up. They will last until May 2017...

While Eric was in New Mexico we did a lot of FaceTime talking. 

So anxious to see Eric pull up after a week away.


Drawing of Elise.

Cordelia, being herself. 

Old Bee

Momo makes sketching difficult, but I don't mind.

Chair ride at Grandpa's work.

Vegan food! 

Puppet show yo
Cordelia made a hot pink cat with a purple wig at her art class.

A daily painting.

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