Friday, September 30, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 9.30.16

Week in review coming at you!

This guy working on a very unique project. He painted a bunch of historical busts as members of the band Kiss. Why? Because.

Daily sketch

The big news of the week was the first tooth loss. After months of kinda wiggling her loose tooth it finally just fell out. She has another loose one now so she will probably lose it in six months...

A daily painting.

So this week I watched the male antelope here dig a hole and poop in it. Now I don't normally creep in antelope, just happened in front of me. Anyway, I thought that perhaps this was some mystic antelope behavior and it sparked a daydream about rescuing a baby antelope and litter box training the antelope. Sooo, that is where my head is now. 

At the park with their Uncle Sam. We learned that people as tall as him should not give underdogs....too high.

A daily painting.

A delicious curry! 

Daily drawing.

My father used his office chair to give the girls a ride to the car. He is a good grandpa.

He then slowly gave himself a ride all the way back inside, much to the amusement of his granddaughters.

Elise took a break from throwing toys all over the living room to put a box on her head.

Daily painting.

Tire swinging.

Elise and my mom.

Birthday girl had her mind blown with this baby.

Day 29/30 paintings!


Susan said...

I need to order one of each of those whimsical animal/people prints!

Susan said...


Anonymous said...

The kids do clean up after .... Don't they? LOL

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