Friday, September 9, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 9.9.16

What a crazy week this has been: travel, family, work, art, repeat. 

On Friday Eric had work in northern Wyoming and we decided that we could turn it into a visit to see my grandmother in Montana. So Friday night we stayed in Billings and the following morning we hit the road to see my grandmother. En route we made a very quick stop to meet up with my dear friend Lanie. We had planned to meet at a restaurant, but the one restaurant (in the small town where I once lived) was closed. So we grabbed horrific truck stop coffee. Seriously it was memorably terrible. Then we went to a local park and let the girls play for a short while.

Here they are by the river.

Lanie and me. 

We were only there for a few minutes before we hit the road th visit my grandma.

We made a stop at the art museum.

Eric took this photo because we have solo exhibits at the museum next year.

Then it was a stop at the duck pond. All of the ducks are free and wild, but they have grown accustomed to the handouts from locals.

We were fully charged by this black swan. He seriously swam at us full speed, did a splash turn, glared at us, then swam back to his lady a white swan.

Duck pond. I went here as a child so it was neat to share with my girls.

Cordelia mermaid watching.

Late night painting at my grandma's house.

The girls gave their great grandma some good snuggles.

I love this photo. Something in my heart explodes when I see Eric being charmed by our sweet girls.

Eric photographing Medusa.

Sporting my thrifted vintage dress. 

My garden is exploding! I spent a few minutes just gathering these, but there is soooooo much more.

Cordelia ran downstairs in her Ariel pajamas, a cape and underwear on her head. She shouted,"I am UnderweAriel!!!" I was proud.

Conjoined flower twin.

Yesterday's painting. Day 8 in thirty paintings in thirty days.

Lanie gifted us with these beautiful treasures. A shed antler, a feather, a tiny abandoned wasp nest. Lanie gets it.

Drawing from last night.

Last night Eric teased me as I went between two pieces. 

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