Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Project: Mounting a Staghorn Fern

I have been wanting a mounted fern for many years, but they are super $50 range. When I spotted a staghorn fern at Home Depot for next to nothing I figured I could mount it myself. So I did a little research and made a super simple project! The whole thing took less than an hour and that includes the time it took for clear coat to dry. You probably have most of the supplies laying around like I did.

You will need:
• staghorn fern (my pot had two)
• monofilament (fishing line)
• board of some sort. I bought these for $1.50 each.
• nails and one of those toothed picture hangers.
• something circular (this will make sense as you read directions)
• sheet moss 
•spray clear coat
*optional paint

1. Take your board and paint it if you like. I left mine unpainted. Then spray with a clear coat or varnish so the board won't rot.

2. Center and add your toothed hanger to the back of your board.

3. Trace something circular in the center of your board. I used a bowl.

4. Nail 6-8 nails around the circle, but not at the top 1/4 where your plant will be.

5. Separate your plant and shake excess soil. These ferns grow on trees and do not need extra soil. Lay it on your board and make sure the plant will look nice as it rests. You don't want it hanging low or tucking behind the mount. 

6. Lay the sheet moss over the root ball.

7. Next you wind that monofilament between the nails, criss cross and mix it up until the whole thing feels secure.

8. Stand it up, brush it off and set it in the sink and give it a water, let the excess drain off and then hang it up.

I have been reading on how to care for these ferns and it looks like you take them down for a water and drain once a week. I imagine misting could also be good. I am going to keep a close eye on these babies for a few weeks to see what works for them. Just remember ferns like to be moist, but not soggy and like indirect light.

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Anonymous said...

That is such a good idea! It looks good too!

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