Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Visit to Grandma Carol

This past weekend we went up to Montana to visit my Grandma Carol. The drive up was gorgeous and sunny Montana skies all the way! 

When we arrived we grabbed some grub and caught up with my grandma before heading to the art museum. Eric and I both have solo shows there next year and we wanted to scope our space.

Elise and her great grandmother in the museum.

Later we went out to dinner at the legendary Sip n Dip, a tiki bar/restaurant that features mermaids.

Naturally the girls were thrilled. 

The food service was pretty slow, but we had good company and entertainment so it was ok to hang out!

By the time we made it back to my grandma's house it was time for the girls to turn in for the night.
The next morning it was raining. We went to church with my grandma and then had some lunch.

Cordelia taught her great grandma how to play a game on her tablet.

My grandmother had such patience with Cordelia who took her time showing her how to play.

Later Eric and the girls and I braved the surprisingly cold rainy day to hit up Giant Springs, a place I fondly remember from my own childhood.

It is quite beautiful.

I think the girls were most interested in umbrellas, but whatever.

They were pretty darn adorable.

So was Eric as he took this photo.

Look at that sweet mug.

And this lovely gal.

Mostly we just enjoyed some great time with my grandma! 

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