Monday, October 3, 2016

Cordelia's 7th Birthday

Thursday Cordelia turned 7!  I cannot even account for this passage of time. Seriously, how?? 
We started the day with vegan donuts. She asked and I obliged.

We dropped Elise off at preschool and she headed to her own science class.

Staff at her science class made her feel extra special by letting her spend some time with a bearded dragon.

We went to the park.

Then later Eric took them to another park.

Cordelia requested peanut butter cookies. I thought it was quite fitting as I made peanut butter cookies (and puked them up...tmi?) the night I went into labor with her.

Later we had dinner with my parents and Sam. Elise and her grandma Sue.

Hugging Uncle Sam.

Freaking out over this gigantic cheetah.

Seven candles in a cookie equals fire hazard! 

Then on Saturday we had a party with friends.
She wanted another space party. We crafted stars.

Cordelia's star.

Then we all made our own alien cupcakes.

Here is Eric's.

Decorated with stars and art. Cordelia asked us to hang all space related art as decoration. We have a ton! 

Cupcakes. Note that she is wearing her astronaut costume.

She had a great time with her friends and got many awesome gifts. This was a great find! 

Seven is off to a good start.

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Roxanne Veinotte said...

I like the story about you and the peanut butter cookies... when I was pregnant, I wanted healthy foods, like salads etc... I had ice cream and threw that up! So what happened to my son? He LOVES healthy foods, would pick an apple over candy anytime!

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