Friday, October 21, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 10.21.16

Well you are going to get a double dose as I break up our NM trip into two mind-bending photo dumpzzzz. 

We left Wyoming on Friday morning and headed south. We drove and drove and then drove some more. 

 We stopped in Colorado Springs to check out the arts center. The museum was pretty great! 

We then drove some more. The girls were so well behaved! Seriously, angel babies for sure. No fighting or arguing or whining. It was so pleasant.

We rolled through Raton Pass in time for a gorgeous sunset! Settled for the night in Raton.

We ate in our hotel as we vegans know you gotta bring a cooler of food and supplies for cooking. I used the mini fridge and microwave to prep dinner.

This is how Elise ate breakfast at the continental meal. 

Cordelia wore this somewhere along the road. 

We made it to Eric's childhood hometown, Alamogordo, NM. The girls immediately searched for lizards. Oh and it was super hot! Still in the high 80s and low 90s.

That night I had papers to grade, but opted to swim and spend time with the family.

I made the right choice and we had a great time! 

Though the next day I had to grade for ages! While I worked in the hotel Eric and the fam hung out. We later hit up a pistachio farm. These are pistachio trees, FYI.

Here is the world's largest pistachio statue...probably the only pistachio statue. Pistatue?

 We concluded the day watching the sunset and a full moon rise at White Sands!

To Be continued....

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