Friday, October 28, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 10.28.16

Hello! Time to review the week that was...
Playing a Ms. Pacman game with my mister. He found this 80s gem at his childhood home while in NM.

This is a terrible quality photo, but it is cute. Momo missed us a lot and has been extra super lovey since we returned from NM. Here she is lazily couch lounging between me and Mr. Wimmer

Now I know that you are thinking this is a Halloween decoration, but you would be wrong. I think it is safe to say that our home is quirky. 

Family movie night. We watched the charming 1980s movie The Worst Witch. Perfectly tame with just a hint of spooky for littles who think they want to see a scary movie, but really do not want to see a scary movie.

This sweet and hilarious kid who somehow always puts her shirts on backwards. When I tell her that her shirt is on backwards she will laugh and say,"I know." Then she will leave it. Here she was drawing out family as fish. The dad fish was covered in red wounds from "skating."

Leaf playing.

Cordelia and Lucy have such a friendship. They will chase each other, it is weirder than you imagine. They share a bed. Lucy always seeks Cordelia out for a pet or a snuggle, she is definitely her person. 

These sweet sisters. I really wish I could convey how well they get along. Their fights are always short lived. Most days they play together all day. They laugh at each other's jokes, they whisper to each other in the morning before it is time to get up, they really have something unique and special.

One of my drawings this week, David Bowie from Labyrinth.

Happy week to yooooou!

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