Friday, October 7, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 10.7.16

Happy Friday to all except my husband who thought it was Saturday and was deeply disappointed to find out it was not Saturday. Week in review coming at you! Also, guess who slept for nearly 8(!!!) hours?! Spoiler alert it was me and now I feel like I am dancing on rainbows.

I love this photo because it is hilarious and I am going to show it until I am no longer amused.

My husband did this thing. 

I completed my thirty paintings in thirty days challenge. It was nuts! Stay tuned for announcements on how to nab your favorite prints.

Birthday astronaut.

Errrmmmm, not sure what is happening here.

Eric and the girls playing. Well, the girls are pretty bossy at play and just a tell Eric what to do. He is pretty mellow about it though.

Daily drawing.

Elise and me.

I know this is a kinda blurry photo, but she is just so lovely. 

This is her practice smile for school we will see what we get.

Heart breaking from sweetness 

Drawing for Day of the Dead

Morning drawing with my mister.

She was gifted with this purse from a dear friend. She calls it her "travel purse." Inside the purse is a pair of scissors, lip gloss and $3.01. 

Vegan food stuffs. Field roast, zucchini and onion, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, and corrrrrn.


Looking at their own reflection. They tried to coordinate colors so that they would look like twins.

Homeschool help.

Drawing of Johnny Cash.


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