Saturday, October 22, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: Saturday Edition

The second part of our NM odyssey!

Watching the moon rise at White Sands where they stayed open after sunset for a full moon! 

Our beloved Copelands invited us over for dinner and conversation. Talking with the Copelands is good for our hearts.

Sisters taking a break from gathering "real dinosaur bones," as the adults talked.

Victoria prepared us a delicious vegan meal of potato tacos, quinoa salad, chips and green chili salsa. It was soooo good!

We were late at the Copeland's and Elise passed out on the way back to our hotel.

We headed to Santa Fe the next morning and made a quick stop at the Valley of Fire where the girls were delighted by the ancient lava flow.

In Santa Fe we met up with Andy and Anne (if  you have been reading my blog for long you know Andy and Anne) and their two children.

It was a short and sweet visit, but we were thankful for any time together.

Cordelia and Juniper. Two lowly ladies!

Elise drawing in the sun.

The next morning we hit the road and cruised up to Denver. When we arrived we let the girls play, checked out the town and just chillaxed a bit.

We then grabbed dinner at Watercourse!

We were pretty road weary at that point, but soooo hungry for vegan feast.

My dinner! So goood after a week of road food.

We drove to Ft. Collins that night. We watched the debates as the girls fell asleep. The next morning we packed up and left for home. We made a quick stop at the State Museum to see a solo show of Eric's work (photos of that later). Then we went home! 

Now we are home again!

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