Monday, October 24, 2016

Project: Lamp Rescue

Eric found a broken chalkware lamp at Goodwill yesterday. The cord had been clipped at both ends, the paint was damaged, it was in rough shape. Eric talked them down on price to $3.50, thinking that maybe we could revive it.
So you can see that it is in rough shape, but full of funky mid-century potential.

The only damage that was  beyond our repair was a broken nose tip, but we figured a paint match would make it presentable.

 The red paint had flaked off over much of the lamp.

And we are not really sure why someone snipped the cord off. 

We think that perhaps, once the lamp broke, they used it as a statue.

Anyway, it was a mess.

Eric grabbed an $8 lamp kit and set to work.

He managed to remove the old wiring.

Then he fed through the new wiring.

Next it was my turn.  I matched the paint color and set to work touching up the red and dark green.

I discovered that the original paint was pretty sloppy, but I did my best. 

The chipped nose looks so much better. Honestly, from a distance it is not noticeable.

 We slapped on a rogue lampshade we already had and presto, the rescue was complete.

Voila, perfectly at home in our living room.

1 comment:

affectioknit said...

That's some crazy Genie-Lamp-age there...Y'all did a great job!

~Have a lovely day!

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