Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Around the House

This is a piece by artist Jim Kopp. I loooooove it! Eric and I have kind of a ridiculous art collection with pieces we have found, purchased, traded, or were gifted. 

When my great grandma Rose passed away a few years back I was given a very small segment of one of her Christmas cactuses. Four about six years now I have nurtured this baby. She blooms several times a year and every time I see this plant I am reminded of my great grandma. 

Meet my giant euphorbia. For several years now I have asked for a giant cactus as a gift. Nobody answered my plea. So I finally just made it happen. I am glad I did it as a cactus was probably a dangerous choice with all of the living beings in our home. A euphorbia fits the aesthetic of a cactus, but has much gentler needles. On the wall is a beautiful sand painting from New Mexico. At the base of the cactus is a ceramic sugar skull that I made last year with two dear friends.

Our house is filled to the brim with little joys that remind us of loved ones. In this photo I can see seven things from friends or family. I am a deeply sentimental gal so these kinds of spaces fill up our home.

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