Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Decorations

So yesterday we hyped up Christmas decorating for the girls. Family time after dinner with music and decorating. What could go wrong?

We ate our dinner. Eric went to the storage space under the house and started retrieving the Christmas boxes. Only...where was the tree? We looked all over. No tree! Our house is not large or cluttered, so we are sure it is not here. Our best guess is that we accidentally donated it to a thrift store. Who knows?

So I ran out and bought a new tree. Really didn't want to spend money on a tree, but the looks of dismay in little faces forced my hand. 

Eric set up the tree and we all decorated to our heart's content.
Eric and Cordelia fixing some lights.

Lucy was all over it. This cat lives to destroy. She is the Leonardo da Vinci of destruction. She is always coming up with creative new ways to attack our Christmas tree. I admire her dedication. After this photo she attempted to take the nutcracker from Elise.

Cordelia wearing cheetah print. Always. Why? I have no answer. She has on pajamas as she is a bit under the weather. She insisted that she was well enough to decorate.  

Elise put the stockings on her feet and did her thing. This girl is quiet around others, but at home she is such a funny girl! 

My girls.

And now we are ready. 


affectioknit said...

FUN...I love your tree!

~Have a lovely day!

quicky said...

I still remember the way we decorated christmas trees with ornaments and greeting cards. Its a different feeling and can't replace it with these artificial . Nice article... +1

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