Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day of the Dead and Bumblebee Poisoned Herself


Yesterday was the big Day of the Dead festival that was born from a conversation with a friend on a walk. Almost three years ago we were taking a cold winter walk and she asked me how I am so involved in the community. I told her that I jus made things for myself to do and suggested that we come up with something together. She and I both love the Day of the Dead tradition and we decided with our backgrounds (her Spanish education and me art/art history) we could probably start a small event. So we did.


Our first year was a success. I mentioned that we had been hoping for 50 people and ended up with around 300. This year we had no idea what to expect and a little under 500 people came! That is huuuuuge for our smallish Wyoming town!


The art museum hosted the event, we had great sponsors to help us pull off this event.
There was a ton of amazing art. There was live music, lectures (education about the holiday is super important as we build this tradition in our community), crafts for kids, face painting, food, a community altar, and dance. 


Watching the event unfold I couldn't help but feel great joy that our community was so excited to learn, celebrate and participate. When we first moved here I wondered where people were after 5pm. I didn't know if people were interested in cultural events. I now know that our community is eager for these kinds of opportunities. People came in full costume!!! People contributed to the altar! I am so very happy that I got to play a small role in sharing this beautiful tradition along with my event planning partner Sarah, the museum, and Eric who was pulled in as a third partner.


I left the event and came home with the girls. As I was feeding them and cleaning the makeup from their faces I noticed a plastic bag  on the floor. I picked it up and noted that it was the bag for unsweetened organic golden raisins. Cordelia had sneaked a few earlier and  left them on the counter and I hadn't thought to put them away. Bumblebee (it is always Bumblebee) had gotten the bag and consumed about a quarter of a pound of raisins (aka dog poison). So I had to make an emergency call to the vet who instructed me on the fine art of vomit induction. Then I had to keep a puking dog in the kitchen (easiest floor to clean) and not let her out, lest she reconsume the puked raisins which would be hard to find/clean in a leafy yard in the dark. Mind you I was in full skull make up as this is happening, the girls were well past bed time, Eric was still at the museum, and every animal in the house came running (like freaks) to watch Bumblebee puke. When she was done I had to make sure that there was enough raisins that I was confident Betty Sprinkles hadn't gotten into them. I will let your imagination run wild about how I accomplished that feat. 

Anyway, no photos of that (darn), but we are all still here this morning so I am thinking all is well! 


affectioknit said...

So glad your event went well and that Bumblebee is OK...

~Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

The Day of the Dead celebration looks wonderful! You are a miracle worker!!Well done.

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