Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Yesterday was Halloween. We started our day with decorating for the big Day of the dead celebration on Wednesday. Then we spent the rest of the day with the girls anxiously counting down to trick-or-treat time.

When it was fiiiinally time to costume up the girls were all biz-ness.  We trick-or-treated at some of the local hot spots. Eric and I kept giving each other the look of parental love over the tops of their sweet heads. Each girl made sure to say "Trick or TREAT!" and every single time they both thanked the giver. Outgoing Cordelia also made an effort to compliment the costumes of people handing out candy. Eric and I were definitely feeling pretty much like the most successful parents in the world as we watched our sweet babes in their darling costumes exhibit good manners. It was a good night.

By the end of it their baskets were full (we remove/replace non-vegan candy and toss it in the bucket out front). After the girls go to bed we don't answer the door and just leave a big old bucket of candy and a moral dilemma for trick-or-treaters...should they take only a couple pieces of candy as the sign suggests or should they dump and run. I creepily watched through the peephole as a couple of older kids talked it out...they settled on taking half the bucket. Ha!

Elise as Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She wanted this costume sooo badly last year, but we couldn't find it for under $45 (which I am too cheap to pay), but then she found this gem on sale the Halloween shop. She let out a gasp of air when she spotted it, it was adorable.

Cordelia chose Cleopatra, she is really into history and long dresses, so it was a perfect choice.




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