Saturday, November 12, 2016

Holding My Hand

Cordelia mostly doesn't hold my hand anymore. I mean she will if she is feeling it, but not all the time. She will hold my hand when we are in a crowd or sometimes when she just needs her mom. She will place her little hand in mine. I squeeze it and hold on to the moment.

Elise is still holding on, but she is starting to let go too. Sometimes she wants to run off and follow her sister out into the world. I have to let her sometimes. She is getting bigger, they both are.

 It is a gradual process, one that could slip away without notice. Yet I am noticing it more and more. The process begins at birth for a mother, just letting others hold her baby is the first step. For nine months it was only mother holding and protecting baby, then others get to hold and carry. Eventually the holding becomes hand holding and then one day that will be gone too.

So I am trying to savor these moments as they come less and less. While their growing independence is a healthy thing, my mother's heart aches a little bit.

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