Friday, November 11, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 11.11.16

Well hello Friday! What a weird week it has been. Has your week been weird too? 

I know you have already seen this photo, but it is so cute and such a great slice of life. 

Who said vegans don't eat well? Only people who don't know what we eat.

I wore two pairs of glasses on Saturday and either my children and husband were not impressed or they simply didn't notice, but I had them on for a good hour as we ran errands.

Cordelia and I voted. This week she asked me if the results meant that women could not be president. I told her that it just meant that this woman would not be president, but my heart hurt that she needed to ask me that question.

This is a photo from my phone. That is all.

Evening walk in our unseasonably warm November.

Cordelia went around the house and tucked in all of the animals.

Citrus and mint salad.

Momo makes drawing an adorable challenge.


On Fridays this one joins in for homeschool.

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